Tuesday, December 10, 2013

new look

I hope this doesn't disorient people, but I changed the look of the blog. That mountain in the background didn't really apply anymore since I achieved my goal to build my strength up and the bright blue was starting to bum me out. A former co-worker and, now dare I say it, friend Jimmy asked me to give his super sweet blog a quick review and I remembered how much I prefer white space. His blog is nice and clean. And since he's the catalyst for this change, he deserves a shout.

I look forward to reading about his adventures this winter. Plus, his girlfriend is named Jorie, which made my friend Tanya of My Lovely Sentences remark that perhaps Jimmy's girlfriend is named after Jorie Graham, a poet I had never heard of so I looked her up and read this particular poem first and it made me think of boating and fishing and marriage and pragmatism all at once. And I fell in love.

Speaking of pragmatism, looking at Jimmy and Tanya's blogs, I'm starting to think I should have gone with Wordpress. I did zero research before starting this blog. I just started typing.

And that's all, folks.

Well, not really. I'm too lazy to look up whether it's supposed to be "Jimmy's and Tanya's blogs" or "Jimmy and Tanya's blogs," and "the blogs by Jimmy and Tanya" is just too much. So, can I get a pass from the grammar police if it's incorrect? Thanks.

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