Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Accidental vacation

I got up this morning feeling slightly under the weather. Nothing serious, just one of those "meh" days that people who work from home can indulge in. I tried to shake it off with a shower, then I vacuumed the kitchen floor in preparation for some sweaty, endorphin-inducing mopping, but as I was pouring my coffee, I looked out the window and noticed my dog on his back rolling around in the grass.

It dawned on me that I am on something of an accidental vacation. I have a very busy schedule later this month and August is booked solid. Right now, however, I have no strict deadlines and no projects due. I wandered around the house looking at the dirty windows that need to be cleaned and the never-ending pile of laundry in the laundry room and the boxes of winter stuff that need to find a home, all the while making a mental list of the things I could do with my day.

After giving things considerable thought, I walked outside and joined the dog. I think he has the right idea. A northerly wind with moderately cool temps makes a pretty nice morning for drinking coffee and lounging in your back in the sun.

I was feeling pretty smug about my decision--look at me enjoying the day. As I scratched the dog, however, I noticed a small brown dot making its way to the dog's head. A frigging tick.

God, I hate nature.

Back inside. Today for activity, I will mow the lawn for a couple of hours, fold the laundry, and possibly mop the kitchen floor.

I just need to finish this cup of coffee first.

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