Friday, July 6, 2012


I got checked out last night at the grocery store. I kept making eye contact with this guy who was headed on the same shopping loop I was--you know how that goes. You see each other in produce; you bump into each other in the pasta aisle; you "oops..hehe-heh...sorry" as you try to get around the person at the yogurt cooler. Can we just universally embrace this weird phenomenon so we can just say, "Hey, we're on the same loop," and move about our day without that awkward moment where, yet again, you and that other person are racing for the same bottle of ketchup without actually acknowledging each other?

I bring up this particular guy who looked at me because I intentionally switched up the order of my shopping in order to avoid having an anonymous dance partner as I price-checked jars of tomato juice. I didn't know this guy. But, I saw him a couple of times, and each time. Bam. Full eye contact.

And, I'm sure he wasn't thinking, "Ooooh.... mamacita," unless he was also thinking, "You remind me of my mother... I hated my mother."

I'm at the age where, if I catch a guy looking at me, my immediate instinct is to run back to the car and get the hell out of there before he writes down my license plate number, hunts me down, and assaults me because he's a crazy person and I remind him of his evil mother. Back in my 20s, in the days I could leave the house without makeup and not have children run screaming from the Crypt Keeper, back when I had a thin waist and a flat stomach, I would have noticed the guy and been all, uh huh. You're never gonna get it.

Those days are over and now, instead of pulling all-nighters drinking Maker's and chasing away my hangover with a PBR, I'm pulling an all-nighter because I ate a cheeseburger and it didn't agree with my aging digestive system. (I hope that's the one and only time you ever click a link with the words "my aging digestive system" attached to it.)

I know there's a correlation between what I put in my body and how I'm going to feel (yeah yeah, I saw it as I typed it...that's what she said). But, I continue to ingest things that will make me feel poorly (poor? poorly? I always get tripped up on that). Will that third glass of wine make me feel crappy tomorrow? Probably. Will I have it anyway? Of course.

i feel smug taking this picture
The same goes for fried food. Will a basket of delicious and sweet fried Maine shrimp (that I kinda think are coming from Thailand but I'll ignore that for now) coupled with a giant cone of fries and followed by Anabelle's coffee ice cream make me feel like crap all night long and into the next day. Oh my god, yes. But I'm ordering that anyway because it is so yummy.

I have the same adverse reaction to zuchini. And summer squash. And, sadly, truffle oil. I continue to eat those items, too, because I like them.

i feel a lot less smug taking this picture
But, I can't deny, after eating fresh steamed vegetables with lemon last night, I feel pretty good today. And I'm aware today's lunch of quinoa and cold leftover vegetables with more lemon from last night will make me feel pretty good this afternoon. I'm lucky because I like that stuff.

I also happen to like the yummy red wine sausage from Sausage Kitchen with Morse's Sauerkraut that accompanied those vegetables last night. Tonight, I plan to cook up some kale and kohlrabi from our trip to the little farmstand yesterday with pistachios along with leftover quinoa from lunch today, but we all know I'll grill up a steak or slab of chicken...wait. Maybe I'll broil some fish instead. Hm.
annnnd we're smug again

I don't know whether you've tried kohlrabi; I sure haven't. So, I'll let you know how it goes.

For activity today, more lawn mowing. Let's see if I can last longer than an hour; yesterday really sucked. I should note, today is the last day of my accidental vacation. I did a tiny bit of work this morning, but I slipped back into my new habit of gazing at the water, petting the dog, and doing generally nothing, so that bit of work doesn't really count.

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