Monday, June 18, 2012

...the livin' is easy

it's a pretty nice path
I fully realize my new path of eating local foods and working some form of physical activity into my day is super easy when you consider I have no kids and few responsibilities, there are walking trails all around my house, it's summertime so the garden is full, and I have a steady income.

I don't live in a bad section of town and I don't work long hours for minimum wage with no money for diapers. I can afford to purchase local and mostly more expensive food. I'm not the victim of a major weather catastrophe and I've remained mostly immune to the recession we're experiencing. And, I don't have any health issues, or at least I won't until I am officially diagnosed with Lazy Fatass Syndrome.

I pat myself on the back for making smart choices, but until I'm changing the world like this guy, I will remain flippant and silly about it.  I can't be too cocky about changing tiny things within my day and I'm certainly not embarking on some journey of self discovery. In fact, I'm not discovering anything about myself other than, until the zombies take over the world, things are pretty damn easy for me.

reward at the end of the trail
That said, for exercise today I took a walk over Morse Mountain to Seawall Beach with my mother-in-law--and we can save the MIL jokes. Even my mother-in-law is a lovely, gracious woman I adore. I don't even have that to complain about.

My mother-in-law is also in great shape. When we go skiing together, she stays on the hill well after the rest of us have kicked off our boots and cracked a beer. (Listen to me. Really? I mean, I'm not Gwyneth Paltrow writing a cookbook and discussing the wood-burning pizza oven in the garden but honestly. How obnoxious is that...when we go skiing together....)

i really should do this more often
I still haven't tackled the bricks that need to be moved because I don't have a wheelbarrow and...well, that's it. I'm a lazy fatass and I haven't gone out to purchase a wheelbarrow.

Back to the purpose of this post... for lunch today, more arugula from Squire Tarbox Farm with a bit of hard cheese some friends brought to the house this weekend from Sweets and Meats along with strawberries from the farmers market. I cannot for the life of me remember what farm supplied the strawberries. I supplemented the salad with some curry chicken salad from Whole Foods because it's just so freaking good and I think maybe I can get away with eating chicken salad from Whole Foods, right?

Yes, I'm one of those assholes who marches into Whole Foods with my canvas tote bag slung smugly over my shoulder. And, yes, I wander aimlessly around, getting into everyone's way like someone who hasn't eaten protein in a long time.

Tonight, we're having lobster (and now lobster, princess?) from the waterfront in West Point, but I think those guys are super ornery, so I might try to convince everyone we should pick up lobsters from Plant's. And, while I'm lobbying for that and since they'll be running into town, I just might work on getting them to pick up some stracciatella from Gelato Fiasco. Not good for my arteries, but great for my soul.

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