Thursday, June 28, 2012

Music principle

I woke up with Janet Jackson's song Control in my head this morning, and played Death Cab for Cutie on a loop for most of the afternoon to get it out of my head, but it was quickly replaced with  Stronger by Britney Spears--what the hell is she doing with her tongue as she sings in the video?

Britney's Stronger video brought my brain to the Pleasure Principle, which brings us back to Janet Jackson's Control album--I mean CD...I mean...wait, whatever the kids are calling a group of songs sold together now. It all makes sense since both singers utilize a chair in their videos and both are thin girls who would become fat, ala John Bender's theory.

Which brings us back to this blog. Aren't brainstorms fun?!

country road, take me home
Today, I walked the third of a mile to the closest store to get some coffee, hauled a final few loads of bricks for about half an hour (but I'm at that point where I need a little help so the rest will wait until Groom is around), and then I mowed the lawn for 45 minutes. I don't feel tired, but that's a nice amount of activity. I mean, let's not get crazy here.

I still have 765 (give or take) loads of laundry to do after moving, which means lots and lots of folding. Can I count that as an activity? I bet Weight Watchers would give me at least a point for it, right?

I have nothing else to report. I bought lunch at the local store, but it was a cold cut sandwich on white bread. I'm slacking in the local foods department because I've allowed myself to think purchasing locally means I can consider everything purchased at a local shop to be local, which means barbecue potato chips purchased at the Phippsburg General Store are okay. They shouldn't be. I'll work on amending that.

Christ. Even the music on my iPod wasn't local today. This reformed Catholic might have to work on her penance with a 20-minute somethin' somethin' on the elliptical. It sure beats kneeling on pencils or self flagellating with a knotted cattail whip.

Wait a second. The song I link above for Death Cab for Cutie is the exact song I used to have as a ringtone for my friend Sara, who is a local singer/songwriter. So, clearly File Man (the guy who sits in my brain and gives me the correct information when I need it, such as giving me John Bender's name from The Breakfast Club so I could make that fat girl joke earlier) was desperately trying to get me the "local" message today. I was just too busy getting my Britney groove on to notice.

In the linked videos, I'd like you to please compare Britney's weird singing tongue with Sara's perfectly normal singing tongue. Yet another reason to listen to and watch local musicians.

Now I feel guilty for bringing your attention to Sara's tongue. That's just weird. The elliptical is calling my name.

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